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In these terms and conditions the following words shall have the following meanings.

“EA”; Expert Answers Limited registered in England & Wales under co number 05220592 including but not limited to its agents, employees, directors, shareholders, Experts, sub-contractors and those of Change-Name.co.uk and Change Name itself. Terms such as but not limited to “we” “us” and “our” are also included under the definition EA.

“Moderator”; any person or persons employee agent sub-contractor authorised by EA to amend edit or modify any posts questions or answers or details on the Website.

“Parties”; a User, Expert and/or EA or any 3rd party.

“User”; any person posting details on the Website or posting any other words sentence or phrase on the Website whether or not the words are posed as a question or not or whether the name change process is completed or not.

“TCs”; these terms and conditions

“Website”; www.change-name.co.uk and any other website which links to the Website.

All Parties warrant that they are at least eighteen years of age.

All Parties agree as follows:

EA reserves the right to modify change or revise these TCs including any fees or charges in respect of the Website and its service and any such amended terms will be posted automatically in place of these TCs. By accepting these TCs Parties agree to be bound by any amendments thereto as if each party had agreed to any such amendments.

EA reserve the right at its sole discretion and without notice to suspend the Website for any reason whatsoever without incurring any liabilities to the Parties.

If any clause or part of these TCs is found to be unreasonable or unenforceable then the rest of these TCs shall remain in full force and effect mutatis mutandis.

These TCs and the Website rules and Privacy Policy constitute the whole agreement between the Parties whether or not anything else is or has been agreed between the parties whether in writing electronically verbally or otherwise and notwithstanding the fact that these TCs form the entire agreement between the Parties then in the event of any dispute between the Parties or conflict with any other part of the Website then these TCs prevail.

All intellectual property and copyright in the contents of the Website including any questions or answers or documents therein including completed deeds and declarations therein are the property of EA and may not be reproduced cut, pasted, printed, distributed in any shape or form electronically or otherwise without the prior written consent of EA which consent may be withheld at EA’s absolute discretion and for which they may charge any unreasonable fee.

The User agrees to be responsible for evaluation of the accuracy content and usefulness of any document or advice obtained via EA or otherwise available on by or through the Website or any linked website. Advice opinion and answers and deeds and documents received from the Website are no substitute for professional advice. Users are always advised having read any advice information or answer given on the Website to seek advice of a suitably qualified professional at a face to face meeting. By agreeing to these TCs a user or Questioner agrees to seek legal or other professional advice to verify the accuracy and suitability of the Website content.

Nothing on the Website creates a professional relationship outside the Website including but limited to any relationship between any Expert and the Expert’s agents, servants, employees or anyone else connected with the Expert and the Questioner and his employees agents or any other person or body connected with him or any 3rd part or EA whatsoever and it does not afford any privilege or confidentiality in respect of dealings between the parties and no solicitor/lawyer/barrister/client relationship or any other relationship exists or is hereby created.

EA reserve the right without permission and without limitation to use any question or answer in its advertising and promotional material but will not disclose the identity of the source without permission of that source.

Parties may terminate their service/membership of the Website at any time by sending EA written notice either by post to EA registered office or via email to cancellation@expert-answers.co.uk. Cancellation will usually be effective within fourteen working days subject to any outstanding fees or monies due to EA being paid.

EA reserve the right to terminate service with any User or Party at any time without giving any reason. In such cases EA will terminate the service immediately on giving notice by email at the suspended party’s last known email address. Any party wishing to appeal suspension of service may appeal the suspension by sending an email along with reasons of justification to reinstatement@expert-answers.co.uk. EA reserve the right to suspend any account indefinitely if EA suspects that any fraudulent criminal inappropriate or other such undesirable activity is being conducted through the use of the Website or if the User has in EAs opinion (however unreasonable) submitted fraudulent information to EA or the site is being used to produce illegal documents.

Any terminated account may be subject to a reinstatement fee at EA’s absolute discretion and if any account is reinstated then EA is under no obligation to maintain the content in any account prior to the date of termination.

Cancellation or termination of an account does not constitute any waiver of any liability or obligation of any User or 3rd party under this Agreement.

If for any reason any party commences any legal action against EA then the party commencing the legal action agrees to indemnify EA in respect of any and all legal and any other costs in dealing with the action or proposed action whether or not the matter proceeds to court.

At its discretion EA may delete all information from the site posted by a User after a period of not less than thirty days. It is the User’s responsibility to make sure that have made a note of any documents or deeds the content of which they may require for their future use.

In the event that not withstanding these TCs any competent or other court awards damages in respect of any negligent or alleged negligent advice received via the Website then party bringing the successful action agrees to limit their claim for damages solely to the monetary consideration having passed through the Website in respect of the answer/question/advice only which is the subject of the litigation and further agrees to indemnify EA against legal costs and in the event of a successful claim to be responsible for both their own and EA’s legal costs and disbursements.

Notwithstanding the foregoing in all cases liability of EA shall be limited to the monetary consideration paid by a party in respect of any deed or document produced by EA.

EA is not responsible for verification of identity of any of the parties using this site.

Although EA make all endeavours to produce deeds and documents in a timely fashion EA will not be responsible for any loss incurred by any User or 3rd party caused by any such delay whether or not the delay is beyond EA’s reasonable control.

EA shall not be responsible for consequences of any answer advice or information received by a Questioner from the Website or any other website or at all.

By accepting these TCs the User accepts any deed or documents produced by EA and has come to his own conclusion about its suitability for the Questioner’s purposes and with regards to its accuracy and suitability for purpose.

All TCs and use of the Website is governed by the laws of England and Wales and any person or company using the Website submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the Liverpool County Court of England and Wales or the Liverpool District Registry of the High Court of England and Wales.

The Parties warrant that entering in to an agreement between them none of the Parties have relied on any representation made by any party in entering in to this agreement or agreeing to these TCs.

By accepting these TCs the Parties agree to be legally bound by the content herein.

EA reserves the right to refuse to post answers or accept questions or information or produce any documentation from or for anyone at any time without notice for any reason and in such case will incur no liability for any loss incurred by any party whatsoever.

In these TCs words imparting gender include masculine feminine and neuter. Words imparting singular also include plural.

The provisions of the Contracts Rights of 3rd Parties Act are excluded under these TCs.

Any reference to a statute includes any amendments thereto or replacement statute thereof.

All copyright and intellectual property in anything posted on or produced by the Website immediately vests in EA.

© Expert Answers Ltd and Change Name 2014

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