Change Name Fees and Prices

We aim to make changing your name the simplest, cheapest and easiest name change site to use on the Internet. Whether changing your name by Deed Poll or by Statutory Declaration the cost is exactly the same. If doesn’t matter whether you are having a Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration for you and your children, the cost of every document is the same.

How much?

Just £20 per document. For twenty pounds your document will be prepared and made available for you to download and print (on good quality paper). This is then ready for you to sign and have witnessed or to have sworn, along with clear instructions on how this should be completed to became a valid document.

For an extra £10 per copy you also receive by post an engrossed (bound) Deed or Declaration for you execute (to sign have witnessed). You will also receive instructions as to exactly how to execute the document and you get a folder for its safe keeping.

Please note: you do not have to be a PayPal member, you may simply use your credit or debit card to make payment.

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    Deed Poll and Statutory Declaration Changing your name documents are accepted by:

    Uk Big Four Banks Post Office also UK Government Home Office | HM Passport Agency | Driver Vehicle Licencing Agency