Change Name FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why change  name?

A. People change name for a whole variety of reasons. People may get divorced and may wish to go back to an earlier name, they may be living with a partner, not married and want to use their partners name, they may not like their name. In fact, you don’t actually have to have a reason for changing a name. You can change it simply because you want to change it. If you don’t like your new name, you can always change it back again!

Q. Can I change my child’s name?

A. If you have sole parental responsibility for a child, yes you can. If your child was born before 1st December 2003 and you are the only person named on the birth certificate, yes you can. After 1st December 2003 you must have the other parents consent because, after 1st December 2003 even if parents are not married, they get joint parental responsibility automatically. If the other parent refuses or is un-contactable, the only way you can guarantee that the document will be recognised is if you get an order from the Court. Please note that we do not deal with any Court applications but we merely deal with drafting change name documentation.

Q. My circumstances don’t fit any of the ones that I have seen on your website or anywhere else on the internet. Can you still assist me?

A. If you send us an email outlining the circumstances we will send you, free of charge, advice as to how and whether you can proceed to change either your name or a child’s name.

Q. What do I do with my change name deed once it has been signed?

A. Simply produce the original document (some will accept a certified copy) to the Passport Office, DVLA, Bank, Building Society or whoever else it is who you wish to tell you have changed your name or your child’s name.

Q. Can I add a name rather than change it?

A. Of course you can have as many names (within reason of course) as you wish. You can add them, change them or take them away.

Q. I have lost my change name document. Can I have another copy?

A. We keep copies on our system of all change name documents (both Statutory Declarations and Deed Poll) which we have produced. You may log in and download a new copy at any time. You will still need to have the new one signed and executed as it is actually a brand new deed.

Q. I have signed the deed, is that it?

A. The statutory declaration or deed poll document is merely evidence that you have changed your name. Your name doesn’t get changed on all the various official documents that we use throughout our life until you actually tell the organisation (showing them the name change deed) that you have changed your name.

Q. Don’t I have to register the deed somewhere?

A. You can register (enroll) a Deed Poll (but not a Statutory Declaration) at The Central Office of the Supreme Court in London. You must also put a notice in The London Gazette. It costs £300 or so and is of little if any effect or benefit and hence 99.9% of deeds are never enrolled.

Q. Who will accept the documents?

A. Your Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration documents will be accepted by all UK Government agencies and other institutions who need to check or confirm your identity such asthe Passport Office, DVLA, High Street Banks and Building Societies, the Post Office, etc.

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    Deed Poll and Statutory Declaration Changing your name documents are accepted by:

    Uk Big Four Banks Post Office also UK Government Home Office | HM Passport Agency | Driver Vehicle Licencing Agency