About Change a name ?

Change Name.co.uk is a UK based based website that allows users to change a name online quickly and easily. The website creates, online, all legal documentation and advice required by anyone who wishes to change a name or their child’s name.

For further details on changing your name visit our facts and information page.

Change-Name.co.uk is a trading style of the Expert Answers group of websites.

Expert Answers has a panel of Solicitors, Barristers and Legal Professionals in all areas of law who are committed to helping people by swiftly providing sound, easy to understand their Legal Rights at an affordable price. Change Name is just one area of law.

Expert Answers websites are the only Legal Q & A and documentation websites IN THE UK, moderated, managed and owned by qualified lawyers.


The Expert Answers Change Name Team.

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  • This website is owned and managed by qualified solicitors and all documentation is verified by qualified solicitors.

    Deed Poll and Statutory Declaration Changing your name documents are accepted by:

    Uk Big Four Banks Post Office also UK Government Home Office | HM Passport Agency | Driver Vehicle Licencing Agency