Changing your name?

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Are you thinking of changing your name?

We can help you to do so very quickly and easily. Please note that this site does not give legal advice but will tell you, in easy to understand terms, what you need to do to if you are thinking of changing your name or your child's name and prepare the necessary document for you. Changing your name was once easier than it is today. You could pick a new name and start using it without needing a Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration to make changing your name official. This was called changing your name by ‘usage’.

Nowadays,UK Government departments, companies and organisations now require ‘documentary evidence’ of the change of name.

A Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration are the most common form of ‘documentary evidence’ for a change of name in the UK.

Why change my name?

You may want to change your name or a whole variety of reasons because you:
    • Are living with a partner, not married to each other and wish to adopt their name.
    • May be divorced and want to go back to your maiden name.
    • May be wanting to just change your identity or
    • You may just not like your current name. It doesn't matter why you want to change your name, our site will help you do just that.

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost to change your name? We have aimed to make our site the simplest, possibly the cheapest and easiest name change site to use on the Internet.

You might be wondering, how much does it cost to change your name? It costs as little as £20.00 per document.

For £20.00 you will be able to download your document to print on good quality paper to sign and witness or have sworn, along with instructions on what to do with your document.

Once you have created your document you can download it as often as you like.

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    Deed Poll and Statutory Declaration Changing your name documents are accepted by:

    Uk Big Four Banks Post Office also UK Government Home Office | HM Passport Agency | Driver Vehicle Licencing Agency